I absolutely couldn’t resist writing about Bülow again after the newcomer recently dazzled me with her self-assured debut EP “Damaged Vol. 1” and focus track “Not A Love Song“. I am really, happy that this young lady has given me an excuse to write about the song “Lines” from the EP after, choosing it as the follow-up to continue the push with “Damaged Vol. 1” because “Lines” is the song, more than any other on the EP, which in my opinion, exudes the greatest, potential.

What first caught my attention about “Lines” was the insanely catchy melody, it’s really, one that sticks in the head and will have you humming along within seconds. The song is driven by a pendulum swinging rhythm which at first draws you in but, it isn’t long before you notice the quirkiness of the lyrics and the candid, storytelling about dating. The references to Tinder are very, millennial thinking I thought they really, painted an accurate picture of what it’s like to be young, today and dating. As the track progresses, we discover that it is pretty, empowering content and a resilient message from the 17-year-old, Bülow.

As I predicted about the first buzz track “Not A Love Song“, in no time at all, it topped Hype Machine. I have no hesitation suggesting, with “Lines” the young up-and-comer will be set to do it all over again. There aren’t any proper videos as such, made as yet. Instead, the visual content which is really GIFS seems to be following with a little nod to Allie X, perhaps? I think we can wait a while longer for an official video to exist. “Lines” and the “Damaged Vol 1” EP are unquestionably memorable songs from a talented artist you will not want to miss.

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