Ever since newcomer Bülow put out her track “Not A Love Song” and EP “Damaged Vol. 1” on the internet, I’ve felt her pop star potential is among the greatest to surface from this year’s crop of emerging artists. The subtly catchy electro-pop song continues to pack heat and shows no signs of slowing down soon. However, as the German-born singer has steadily, been building her presence playing live, and with festival appearances lined up this summer, it would be good to have some new songs. As we might have suspected there is more to come in the “Damaged” series from Bülow, “Damaged Vol. 2” will be released June 8th. The track “Sad and Bored” a collaboration with songwriter and rapper Duckwrth heads up the launch.

I guess the gritty edge to the music is what I liked best about the singer’s debut material. The songs are very blunt, very raw and authentic. In a new millennial way, the sharp lyricism reminds me of the same spiky verve Charli XCX, similarly struck out with and at once became cool among the hipsters. I feel this about Bülow even more now since listening to the new cut “Sad and Bored“, it’s pretty dark and projects an indie vibe which I am so in love with purely because it is, unabashedly sour and waspy.

The song is fuelled by, a moody bassline which provides a fitting canvas for the singer to air her frustrations. The way in which it plays out feels like we’re hearing the conversation between voices battling through dark thoughts inside her head. Could this song be throwing up some emo kind of rivalry in Palewaves direction? Well, I know who I’d much prefer to be sad, bored and gloomy with, it’s Bülow who is in the driver’s seat, because she changes gears and brings credible, relevant topics front of stage, with each new song.

Here’s a little Bülow bonus for you “Sad and Bored” live at The Great Escape for VEVO

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