It is not like Adam Jensen to sing about love or deliver heartbreak pop songs as ordinarily, the Boston-bred musician and singer-songwriter goes with more gutsy topics which have shaped his life. Documenting the turbulent times of coming-of-age with autobiographical lyrics in singles “Sandcastles“, “Ritual” and “Drugs“, Adam’s shared raw and honest subject matter, the majority of it runs emotionally deep and gritty.

The music has been far from challenging though because of Adam’s ability to construct a good melody, which he stylizes with rhythmically infectious vibes and consistent upbeat grooves.

In fact what I’ve enjoyed the most about Adam’s previous tracks is that he sings about topics which haven’t taken on themes of love and relationships. With “You Don’t Love Me Like Before“, Adam allows us in on his introspective side, and even though he sings about realising the one he’s in love with doesn’t feel the same, it’s just as electronically colourful and melodically bouncy.

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