Adam Jensen

We felt young newcomer Adam Jensen was onto something when he recently dropped his rhythmically infectious debut “Sandcastles” and we were right to assume he’d be one to keep an eye on. As on the arrival of new single “Ritual” the waywardly reformed youth pours so much heartfelt poignancy into his autobiographical lyrics, that at its most insightful heights is earnestly open and hard hitting.

Adam Jensen writes songs with a full intent of purpose behind them. They are colourful in a way you might not expect and explore some turbulent subject matter which cuts deep into the realization of how when in the grip of teenage rebellion, doing things that you ought not can backfire with the most serious of consequences.

For a period in his Life, Adam lived it. He also knew when he reached the pinnacle and began to turn his life around through his old trusty friend in music.

And so the results come in the form of these first tracks, which are anything but woeful. They fire off an inspiring message and further to this, Adam’s musicianship gives up a full hit of creative melody making which evidently doesn’t hugely adhere to a type. Although there is a consistent electronic element, the artistic goalposts shift, making Jensen an artist with not only a fair amount to say but also gives him so much more scope to keep expanding and exploring and developing.

From what we’ve heard thus far, I’d say he’s growing out with some terrific ideas, seen through with insightfully alluring musicality. Such as wrapped up in the stingingly choppy anthemic melody of “Ritual”.

The mix of both pulses through with a sweeping surge of un-relentless inspiration and empowerment.