Adam Jensen

In my music blogging, I always endeavour to write with a perspective opinion and truth as I see it, I don’t seek to over glorify but sometimes I am driven by enthusiasm and excitement that I can’t contain and it bubbles over into an abundance of words. Of this I am very much aware.

A likely candidate who should not fall short of my praise’s falls to Boston bred multi-faceted talent Adam Jensen and his smashing debut effort “Sandcastles”.

This is music born of a pivotal understanding, learned out of going off the rails and turning your life around with a new found interest and focus. Boy, has Adam changed his rebellious ways to a much greater good in showcasing his three-fold skills in artistic musicianship, singer/songwriter capacity and overseeing production.

The power is all in the draw here and Adam knows how to reel us in rhythmically with a simple stringed guitar decorated riff before he lets the hella loose cutting in on a ravey arrangement of keys.

For all the wonky pop persona, there is vibrant message echoing Jensen’s young tear away years of taking the wrong path in life and dealing with the resulting consequences inter-laid into the rhythmically infectious vibes. It fits the sound that is bubbling all over Europe right now in popularity, infact!

Seriously folks, for all my approving words, Do NOT sleep on this one!