Taking on hard hitting subjects and turning them around into shiny nuggets of melodic electronic pop is nothing new for Adam Jensen.

When it’s all his colourful life laid open, it takes on a deeper meaning of course. The more we wade into Adam’s glittering array of tracks such as, “Sandcastles” and “Ritual”. The ever stretching themes of Jensen’s newer material coming to light, trickle further into a deeper vein of thought and circumstance.

Re-telling candid and forthright true stories of his turbulent youth through his fascinatingly adept, masterful lyricism. What you get with Jensen is pretty much no holds barred accounts of brawls and generally being on the wrong side of the law.

On Jensen’s third release, the reformed singer/songwriter and instrumentalist spirals down into the unsavoury subject matter of taking drugs.

Along with the seemingly clear-cut narrative, through the use of euphoric strung synths exchanged for woozy electronic bleats. We experience both the drug like induced highs and distorted mind-altered comedown which takes effect.

Adam Jensen has proved he isn’t a one trick pony and continues to show us that he has got plenty of tricks up his sleeves. Each of these being, racking in an ace performance in his creative use of musicality and inspiring steely resolve to find his way back onto a path of normality to a greater extent.

One thing that is always guaranteed with Adam Jensen’s tracks they will be thought provoking. Afterall, on closer inspection was this track really about taking drugs? or used as analogy for falling for a girl, who is out of reach?

Cards on the table, even Adam claims he’s not sure, so make up your own mind on that. The track however, is in no doubt very melodically ear pleasing indeed!