Colette Carr began 2017 on a “Fun” note in the form of a party starter track, released in celebration of bringing in the New Year with a performance at Europe’s biggest street party in Berlin to an amassed crowd of an estimated 1,000,000 revellers. As much as the cheery song was appreciated by loyal fans what we’ve really, been craving is the release of the promised sophomore album “Believe In Us” to materialise.

I am not entirely sure whether an album release date is just around the corner, but before the full year wait for new music from Colette Carr comes to a close. She’s snuck out a new single which just happens to be called “Believe In Us” so presumably, all is going to plan and, the highly anticipated full-length recording is now looking likeliest to land in 2018.

Like her previous official single releases “Static” and “Play House“, Colette flexes her artistry some more, on “Believe In Us“, taking us into pop ballad territory steered by spacey sonics and earnest lyrics. The rebrand and developed sound seem to be paying off, the one-time rap, sing, star tackles bold, introspective themes in a style which sounds current. You’d hardly recognise Colette Carr from her early days on this new track. It shows that she’s been able to adapt to changing musical trends in a seamless way to get to this new marker place in her music career.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen many different sides to Colette Carr. It just goes to show the versatility was always there albeit, hidden in the first instance and now she’s shining like never before.

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