Colette Carr

Chics with blue hair rock!

This is quite a reinvention for the spitfire rapper Colette Carr actually, of whom we’ve always been endeared to her wacky side here on EQ, since we’ve called Colette in many a time for her slick loaded hip pop recording enterprises and we’ve loved on them all one by one.

Perhaps we didn’t see this one coming so much though, and maybe it was all that HAM she was shaking up the last time that we came to hear of her, which has seen to deposit a newly transited Colette Carr in our midst!

So, OK everyone’s allowed a re-invent and as a now independent artist Colette has not undergone this re-invent completely on her own as she’s turned to her former collaborative partner Frankmusik to designate a new thread of sound that adheres to her mesmerizingly revealed estoterically reaching singing voice, which has lain in wait under the former gauze of her delightfully wacky free styling rap for the most part.

There is no getting away from her true singing voice here as Colette debuts the first of her new material starting with the sonically basking, elegant electronic pop curated single “Static”.

Static” does mark an evolutionary move in Carr’s music career development to the point where she now has no whack to hide behind, only relying on her glowing vox to be brought out into the open, with a newly resurrected confidence within her to try something new.

Cut this lady some dibs for going forward under her own esteem, is she now not giving off wispy chills of Skylar Grey?, it’s all good because as a new beginning it all seems to work for Colette too.

With the debut EP “Static.Start” now out and other material waiting to pop, our intrigue as to what’s yet to come is very much at peak inquisitive level.