Colette Carr

We had a heads-up on the newly re-invented Colette Carr last year when the singer returned to debut the “Static.Start” EP.

In her time away from the spotlight, Colette re-grouped with past collaborator Frankmusik and took action to bin off her quirkier music persona in favour of transitioning into a bone fide pop singer with an otherworldly glamorous presence about her.

The pop curated single “Static” deposited a much transformed Colette Carr in our midst, one whom had honed in on a dynamical edge, giving her vocals a far more emotively earnest quality to anything she’d entered into before.

Static” was just at the tip of this new beginning. As in the studio-break with Frankmusik, the pair laid down 30 new recordings together hereby allowing Colette to fully undergo a complete metamorphosis by digging deep into her sense of artistry and experimentation. Ultimately allowing an expose of the genuinely authentic Colette Carr to be brought out into the open.

Now is the time to go full steam ahead some more and really show us who Colette Carr, the pop artiste really is as sophomore album “Believe In Us” is around the corner!

The arrival of follow-up single “Play House” is unified by dance-pop and indie inclinations allowing Colette to flex further into her versatility as an artist all whilst, revealing some of that deeply personal sentiment. In this specific instance, pertaining to when the lightning bolt of attraction strikes and the urgency of getting-it-on overrides everything else.

Flanked by the inimitable production of Frankmusik and as her most commercial release to date, “Play House” breaks Colette into the realm of contemporary pop proper. If the all killer no filler boppy chorus alone isn’t totally worthy of ensuring this track becomes play listed to radio I don’t know what is. Can’t you just see this being Colette Carr’s new signature song? because I am so feelin’ the future hit, heat on it.

In all seriousness Colette kinda nails this video lark. I mean good gurls, playing it bad, and a flash of her cute smile and all. She’s living out the bored housewives dream alright.