We can’t take up issue with Colette Carr unleashing a funcentric new track into the world. Afterall, there’s been enough bleak goings on around the globe, a veritable tsunami of them which impacted many of us last year, that a little lightning of mood through the medium of song surely cannot be frowned upon.

The rapper turned songstress has dropped off a diverse combination of singles over the past couple of years, ranging through the wispy ambient chills of “Static” to the quirky club banger “Get Dumb” with the contemporary pop bop of “Playhouse” extending to her Colette’s most commercially viable release to date. A track we were so enamoured with earning a well-deserved #2 placing on “This Beat Is Poptronik – Best Of 2016”.

Colette spent New Years Eve in Berlin performing to the German revellers, an estimated 1,000,000 amassed for what is said to be Europe’s biggest street party. So we can take it from this that Colette might have felt that the rest of Europe and beyond were due a helping of cheery pop times too.

Even though Colette has concentrated on showing a much more versatile streak in her work of recent times, it’s heartening to know the quirky sass that first brought her to our notice may be given to making random guest appearances, if this jovial, dance-pop anthem about a debbie-downer is anything to go by.

Give your serious face a reprieve, let the stresses and cares ebb away. Have some “Fun” with Colette Carr’s new party starter.