Jain is the French beat-pop sensation who breezed into our lives last year by way of the wonderful album “Zanaka” and singles “Come”, “Makeba” and “Dynabeat.” Her rhythmically stylized brand of pop along with her kooky way of looping beats had us mesmerised in a second. The catchy, infectiousness of the music was inescapable the hype, grew up around her, we became instant stans but my, biggest hope of all, was that she’d not end up regarded as last years fad. It took almost twelve months for Jain’s music to pick up speed here in the UK, by the time “Zanaka” landed with us she was pretty, much done with the promotion. The sense of feeling late to the party began to set in. With all honesty, I didn’t think for one minute she’d be back with something new so soon, but here she is teasing the sophomore album (due August) with the new song “Alright.”

Stepping into the new song feels like discovering her music for the first time. Any reservation I had about novelty value and fads has been, put on ice owing to the freshness of this heavily beat indebted track. I’d hate to call this track out as being tropically inclined (and there will be people who see it this way because of the swagging beats) I’m feeling more of the opinion, the sound is pure, carnival. It’s hot like samba, mixed with her special blend of quirky coolness. You will have no difficulty knowing when this song goes into your ears it will roll around in your head for days.

In her own words, Jain tells us more about the song, “I wrote “Alright” as a hymn to independence. This song builds into a duality, like love stories both gentle and fierce, it highlights the determination in the face of desolation. “Alright” speaks of love in the broadest sense, whatever we up and pushes us forward. ”

While the previous singles stirred up a cult-like following for Jain the radio-friendly polish of “Alright” looks to have another audience in mind. It smacks of definite mainstream cross-over potential. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if the next time, you switch on your radio, you’ll be hearing it, proudly seeping out, through the speakers.

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