You want to know what the great thing about SXSW is? Even when you’re exhausted and just want to chill out, have some cocktails and chips and salsa to pass the time, you still might accidentally discover an incredible international artist that you had no intention of seeing at all. And that dear readers is what happened when I saw Jain.

First of all, I’m not going to pretend I know anything about Jain at all, other than people were talking about how extremely popular she is. That’s all I heard about from people in the queue at Bangers where she was playing. People were like, “oh she sells out stadiums in Europe”, “I can’t believe she’s here” to “OMG she’s the next big thing in music” – I was like, whatever and rolled my eyes as I’ve never heard of her before in London. I’m really here to see Betty Who who goes on after Jain. Yes, my full-on music snobbery was in full-effect that night. It happens. I’m a music journalist.

Well, it seems that I do need to check myself. Jain was fantastic live. I was going to use her set time to have a few drinks and chill before Betty Who took to the stage, but as you can see, I ran up to the stage like a little obsessed fanboy after hearing the mesmerising tunes of Jain ignite the Austin air that night.

Don’t be like me. Believe the hype with Jain and check out her amazing videos to “Makeba” and “Come” below. The only thing I will say about Jain right now is that whoever is doing her art direction is super talented and the team responsible for her whole sound and brand right now deserve an award. Colour me impressed upon first impression. #INSTAFAN