I wasn’t kidding you know, when I said, “The Jain pop takeover is in full effect”! As far as EQ Music is concerned the French beat pop making sensation has us onside as newly obsessed stans.

I can tell you, that we are soaking up every loop, popping sound that Jain’s putting out there right now. So I’m politely asking that she keeps the rhythmically facilitated grooves coming at us because we are under her spell and quite mesmerized by Jain’s overall kookiness.

Needless to say, we’ve already jumped on board to support current single “Dynabeat”. And I have no hesitation going in once more, all because the colourful video has arrived – which now that I’ve watched it, I’d so like to live in Jain’s cool world of cars decorated in music cassette tapes and neon colours. By her own admission Jain “can’t stop the clocks but she can make a rhythm out of it! A rhythm which flows like it’s in your genes, you feel the need to move…”

Did you catch this Spotify users? “Dynabeat” is one of 60+ tracks on our summer playlist bonanza “This Beat Is Poptronik Summer 2017”. Don’t miss a beat and follow us on Spotify.

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