We weren’t even kidding with our instant fandom of Jain.

By the off chance recently, Raj caught the impressionably charismatic French lady of pop’s showcase whilst at SXSW and since then, even I’ve been under the Jain effect owing to her quirky tuneage constantly hugging my Spotify playlists for months on end.

There is no doubt about it, we would have been onto her sooner, if we had of made it down to The Great Escape last year. Jain is a breath of fresh air on the pop music landscape. Her fusing of zingy synth beats, Congolese rhythms and pronounced vocalising is second to none. As far as we are concerned, the allure of Jain’s signature brand of beat pop is overwhelming inescapable, once it enters your head, it stays tightly wedged in there like a cork being forced into a champagne bottle.

The Jain pop takeover is in full effect; it’s rippling around the music sphere at a rate of knots. She’ll be back over here to wow us some more with a few festival appearances during the summer and handily there’s a new single to promote by way of the fascinatingly colourful “Dynabeat”. The best description of this track comes from the lyrics themselves – “Dynabeat you better keep it grooving, dynabeat all the night. Dynabeat you better keep on dancing, dancing now all the night”).

Moving, grooving, swerlking whatever. No-one stands still when Jain’s tunes strike up a mere stoke of a chord.