I probably don’t need to say, in light of COVID-19, the indie, synth-pop duo Magdalena Bay, are yet, another act who have had to quickly rethink a new way of promoting their music. The LA-based outfit was in the midst of celebrating the release of their EP “A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling” when they were forced to go into quarantine. It is never a pleasant task having to cancel tour plans or gigs arising from unforeseen circumstances. (The duo were scheduled to appear at SXSW and tour with Yumi Zouma and Kero Kero Bonito.) Nevertheless, Magdalena Bay has remained as upbeat as their dreamy synth-pop tracks about the bizarre situation which has rapidly evolved. They were also going to create a tour video for their EP track “Story” yet, truth be told I’m more pleased that these ideas were put on hold and Mica and Matthew have had to explore another avenue of thought.

This track is properly chillaxed. Features bliss fuelled beats and softly bubbling electronics. It has that sunshine, SoCal appeal. Where you daydream yourself away into imagining that you are sitting out under a sunshade, watching ocean waves glimmer and sparkle at a distance with a cooling, holiday cocktail close at hand. (Hopefully, this will NOT remain to be such an unreachable dream for most of us in the coming months.) This is pretty much what the duo now have lined up for the video. Instead of the tour, they rerouted their trip to their hometown of Miami and filmed the video there while under quarantine.

Look, they have been responsible citizens, wearing face masks and adhering to the 2m social distancing advice. A poolside quarantine in Miami doesn’t look so bad if you ask me. (Feel I must point out that this footage was filmed before, lockdown measures were introduced, so let’s not be getting any ideas about copying these lovely, folks.)

“Lying on our backs out in the sun. Big imaginations on the run, oh oh. We, been dreaming, we, been feeling alright.” Are the opening lyrics of the track. These times will come back, but at least just for now, we get to enjoy the sun-kissed Magdalena Bay vibes massaging our minds with their feel-good musicality. If this sweet track and video have put you in the mood for daydreaming about the arrival of summer. You’ll find even more of the same grooves, by diving in on their “A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling” EP, go check it out.

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