It is by no stroke of luck that I am writing about newcomer Isaac Dunbar for the second time during the last few days. He features on the “Love, Victor” soundtrack, which I shared my thoughts about earlier in the week. I had a plan to feature the rising talent anyways because of the culmination of Pride month and because of, his current EP “Isaac’s Insects” being outstandingly, good. The release coincided with the beginning of lockdown here in the UK. A time fraught with worries and when we all were trying our best to deal with the crazy, as best we could. (Are still.) At the time, were we in a place to pay proper attention to the release? Not so much, after being dealt devasting blows about numerous festivals and tours being postponed/cancelled. With the same measures coming into force for some big music release campaigns also.

Placement on the “Love, Victor” soundtrack with “God, This feels Good,” is the single the biggest, profile raiser for the rising-artist. The song could have easily been recorded by Troye Sivan, as has the more sultry feel, in keeping with his latest releases. This spotlight track alone should be your prompt to check out the rest of Isaac’s work, especially “Isaac’s Insects” EP.

I can’t recommend the tracks “makeup drawer,” and “comme des garcons (like the boys)” enough. The musicality is pinned with a future-forward, pop met with R’n’B outlook. While the lyrics are brimming with an unfolding sense of earnestness and confession. These are coming-of-age songs which resonate with the utmost ability to prick our consciousness. The work is of such importance that it deserves global recognition. How can a seventeen-year-old be so in-tune with their feelings and ridiculously talented with it? To have written and shared these brave, personal and deeply, touching songs, challenging masculine stereotypes. Sheesh. It’s the personal statements in the lyrics which really bite you. They are totally addictive to the listener. Thankfully I’m not being so late to the party that I’m behind with posting the newly unleashed video for the track “boy.” There is a bit of The Sim’s vibe going on for the visual, yet, the vocal which I am more interested in, smacks of a striking similarity with Myylo.

Isaac is serving such major, cool vibes, with his dreamy genre-bending style. Quite possibly the next big thing in music.

Isaac’s Insect’s” European tour dates have been rescheduled, catch the rising-star.

31/3/21 Camden Assembly, London, UK

Connect with Isaac Dunbar
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isaacdunbarofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IsaacDunbar
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/isaacdunbar/

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