Emerging pop artist or trailblazer? When talking about Isaac Dunbar, either, or applies. The fact remains Isaac is still only a seventeen-year-old sharing his thoughts and feelings, about life and of the effects of the world directly around him. While it would be the way of other music artists, to pour out their emotions by writing a shout out aloud anthem, spiked with lyrics issuing very bold statements. The route Isaac takes is sharing his voice with thoughtful, intellect, and earnest song-crafting. While keeping in his lane of melodic alt-pop.

The latest release “Miss America,” is suitably timely in the current circumstances. I beg of you, not to assume for a minute, that Isaac won’t cut to the chase, on the topics which have him feeling some kind of way. He doesn’t dodge metaphorical bullets or point fingers. As a young American and a songwriter, starting to make his way in life. He shares pretty much all of the disappointment and disillusion weighing him down, in song form.

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Isaac says, “In my 17 years, I’ve never felt this much tension and witnessed such division amongst a country that is supposed to be “united”. I will miss America, but in order for there to be peace, we need to go through this ugly phase. While writing “Miss America” I wanted to look at the current state of the country and try to put into words how it makes me feel. This song helps me cope with the current climate in my own way, understanding the struggle of America while trying not to be critical. we are entering a new phase of this country, and I hope there is, positive change around the corner.”

As an original, clever, wholly, accessible new talent on the scene, the wheels are starting to turn for Isaac Dunbar, his future pop star status, is on the ascent. In a much different 2020, to the one served, his tracks would already be stacking up against Troye Sivan, Lauv, and Peter Thomas.

Connect with Isaac Dunbar
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isaacdunbarofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IsaacDunbar
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/isaacdunbar/

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