Raj Rudolph

SXSW 2018 Music Spotlight: Alex Di Leo

With Alex Di Leo's rock-star look down to a tee and his catchy pop hooks, it's no wonder he was a must-see artist for us down at SXSW 2018 in Austin this month. Check out our live footage of him performing at The Main II.

Cub Sport Interview

Cub Sport were in London late January and I got a chance to catch up with Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfield to talk about all things "Bats" including their tracks "Chasin", "Good Guys Go" and "Hawaiian Party".

SXSW 2018 TV Review: Condor

Max Irons, Leem Lebany and Brendan Fraser will hook right into watching Condor from the very first opening scenes of this high-stakes CIA television thrill ride debuting this summer on June 6th from AT&T Originals.

Boys On Film Review: Heathers (TV Show)

Did Paramount Network get the Heathers pilot right? Did they set the tone for a great TV show or did they fail miserably like so many other attempts to turn something so iconic into a modern day pile of trash? Find out what Heathers superfan Raj thought of the Heathers TV show pilot...

Boys On Film Review: I, Tonya

In this episode of Boys On Film, we delve into the superb performances that Robbie and Janney bring to the table and discuss what it was like growing up during the time of the real-life controversy and how we think "I, Tonya" played out on film.

Raj Rudolph

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Raj Rudolph has been an pop music obsessive ever since he heard Madonna's iconic debut album. When he couldn't stop playing "Music For The Masses" by Depeche Mode, he instantly knew that electronic and pop music would be his life-long passion. Raj is American born, but has lived in London since 2000. He created EQ Music Blog as a passion project from the ground up having interviewed some of the biggest names in pop like Gaga, Sia, Mika, Kelis, Robyn and every member of the Scissor Sisters. EQ Music is one of the UK's longest running influential pop blogs, voting in BBC Sound and regularly hosting showcase nights for emerging electronic pop acts in the British capital. Raj is also a Program Manager for MTV/Viacom's Global Entertainment Group as has freelanced as a digital producer for the likes of Google, Huffington Post, Vogue, GQ and WIRED.