The friendship between Eliseu Correia and Justino Santos is one that has lasted over forty years; as the foundation of their collaboration as the Bubba Brothers, it is a bond that remains a powerful guiding force to their creativity and the motivation behind their work as a duo.

Meeting in their home country, Portugal, the pair first bonded over a shared love for Electronic Music and, after years of creating music independently, came together in 2015 to form the duo. Now, having developed a unique and powerful signature sound, they emerge as one of the leading talents within Electronic Music, one whose continued search for innovation marks them as a trailblazing force on the scene. Not one to settle within the limitations of the ordinary, the Bubba Brothers’ music is consistently unique; pushing against boundaries and encountering new sonic territories, the duo continues to take their creativity to new heights, ensuring they stand out within the vast and dense landscape of Electronic Music. Having released numerous well-received productions, the Bubba Brothers are no doubt a gifted and skilled addition to the scene; with tracks achieving charting success on platforms like Beatport and their talents being recognised across the globe, this a duo unmissable in the infectious energy they radiate.

The passion and electricity emanated by the Bubba Brothers during their live DJ performances is an inherent feature of the duo’s creativity; known for their ability to captivate audiences, delivering seamlessly blended mixes that never fail to animate the dancefloor, the Bubba Brothers’ live sets are no doubt unforgettable. As they blend the genres of House, Techno, Progressive House, and Tribal House, curating sets diverse in their exploration of Electronic Music, the Bubba Brothers are quickly making a name for themselves within the genre. Having developed a distinct sonic persona both within their productions and live performances, the Bubba Brothers have taken their hard-hitting energy to stages across Europe; this year, embarking on their ‘Frenetic Tour’, the duo performed at top venues like Monkey Club in Ibiza and LDN East in London. With an aspiration to take the Bubba Brothers worldwide and a determination that shows no signs of easing, it surely won’t be long until this powerhouse duo is igniting stages around the globe, hypnotising crowds with their ever-energetic sound.

It seems that rooted in the very essence of the Bubba Brothers is an energy and a motivated drive unmatched by any other currently within Electronic Music. As they keep showing themselves as fearless pioneers, dropping original productions and delivering adrenaline-pumped performances, the Bubba Brothers solidify their reputation as a duo to continue following closely.

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