Talented Producer/Composer Nicholas Gunn sets the scene for his latest musical offering: titled ‘My Heart,’ his new single will released on November 17th, via Blue Dot Music. With an unwavering commitment to delivering exciting sonic experiences, Gunn’s upcoming track is poised to captivate genre enthusiasts worldwide, presenting an engaging blend of sounds that will no doubt impress. 

‘My Heart’ showcases Gunn’s signature production style, delivering a soundscape that is both engaging and uplifting. The track combines synth pads, dreamy sonic elements, a shuffled rhythmic beat, and a powerful bassline with captivating acoustic instrumentation, building into a detailed production that serves to highlight the diverse range of Nicholas Gunn’s musical influences. The flute melody and intricate guitar layer, accompanied by Chris Howard’s soulful vocals, add depth and complexity to the composition, creating a sonic experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Known for his ability to push creative boundaries and explore new musical territories, Nicholas Gunn continues to garner attention. From his early days producing World Music, incorporating his flute skills into his Instrumental productions, to his current position as a must-watch figure in the Electronic Music scene, Nicholas Gunn’s musical journey has taken him on a diverse expedition through an eclectic range of genres. Now, as he continues to find new ways to express his creativity, Nicholas Gunn is preparing to deliver yet another unique composition to his fans.

Collaboration seems second nature to Nicholas Gunn, and this time he has joined forces with Mearzie, an emerging DJ whose talents have already earned her the opportunity to support renowned acts like Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz, and Pretty Pink. Together, these two Producers have crafted a surprising sonic journey, presenting a powerful track that uniquely presents their individual sounds and passionate creativity.

As an Artist who constantly strives to create original and moving productions, Nicholas Gunn’s name has become synonymous with sonic experimentation and creative exploration. With its vibrant and diverse sound, ‘My Heart’ serves as proof of Nicholas Gunn’s drive for innovation, shining a light on his passion and dedication to his craft.

So, get ready to be captivated as ‘My Heart’ prepares to take you on an enthralling musical journey. ‘My Heart’ will be released on the 17th of November via Blue Dot Music and will be available to listen and download on all major streaming platforms.

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