Kansas City-based Songwriter and Vocalist Martay is continuing to make her mark on the landscape of Electronic Music, bringing her original approach to Electronic Music creation to the scene as she places meaning and emotion at the forefront of her creative process: appearing as a talented addition to the genre, Martay is sure to keep demanding attention. 

Having established her passion for performing and singing during her time in Boston in 2008, Martay’s enthusiasm for music appears as a long-standing love affair. Taking to performing across the city, Martay developed a strong network of creators, teaming up with numerous Producers to start honing her sound and developing a performance style that remains consistent in its ability to impress. Since her early musical beginnings, Martay has established a host of striking career highlights, including supporting acts on four national music tours, releasing three albums, and dropping a collection of stellar singles; with no signs of slowing down, Martay keeps proving herself as a rare talent within the Electronic Music realm.

As she continues to showcase an intrinsic ability to transport her listeners to realms beyond the sound, immersing them in the emotion inherent within her music, Martay cements her position as an influential creator of Electronic Music. Having taken inspiration from genres like R&B and Soul, Martay’s moving vocals consistently take centre stage in her productions, providing her music with its innate ability to translate meaning. The lyrical content of her productions seems ever-expansive, tackling deep and poignant subjects, Martay appears as a true storyteller within a landscape where sonic matter tends to take precedence; as such, Martay emerges as a genuine innovator within Electronic Music.

This year alone has seen Martay dropping several unmissable productions like her captivating release titled ‘Anna’ and the energetic single ‘ILY I Do’. As she incorporates her extensive range of influences into her music, her productions continue to stand out; whether uniting alluring piano lines with shuffled beats or layering her mesmerising vocals with staggering synths, her music is continually powerful and bold. With a style that is uniquely her own, Martay has developed a sonic identity unlike any other within the Electronic Music realm; a credit to her determination to be different, there is no doubt that Martay is a talented force on the scene.

Appearing at the very core of Martay’s music is her unfailing pursuit to convey meaning; as she continues to be driven by a desire to induce reflection in her listeners, Martay’s productions and performances are sure to keep engaging with crowds, leaving a lasting impression on genre lovers around the world.

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