The latest release from Peter Thomas is absolutely gorgeous. I am particularly glad that as an artist, songwriter and producer, he is now putting out tracks under is own esteem. And yet, it seems he is quite modestly unleashing these works which will lead up to the release of his debut effort “Attachment.” The new song “If You’re Happy Now” is mellow with understated production. Gentle, sonics and enveloping dreaminess. Above all, the lyrics smack of complete authenticity. They have a genuine heartfelt realness and endearing quality about them.

It feels to me as though Peter just wants to get these tracks out into the world, under no other pretence than to be listened to and enjoyed. Enabling us to get to know more about him through the music and his artistry first rather than, through chunks of text about him, spewed up online. We learn so much by listening to these tracks, anyways. They speak for themselves in ways more effective than just chit-chat because when sung, we get to feel the emotion and beautiful vulnerability in the stories he shares.

Like Peter’s previous singles “Watching TV With the Sound Off” and “Look at What We’ve Done.” The third in the series “If You’re Happy Now” follows through with a tender, heartrending vibe. The track questions, do we ever let go of our past loves, altogether? I think bit by bit we just learn how to move forward, but it would not be healthy if we didn’t look back and ponder what if, occasionally. The song and the music video really, encapsulate this with soft, coloured hues and in the way, Peter wanders around, visibly caught up in his feelings and his thoughts.

If you are not familiar with Peter Thomas’s original, solo tracks, yet, it’s not too late to get started, he is only just getting going, but even so, you really should tune in now.

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