The Brisbane musician, rapper and producer Mallrat was recently confirmed as a support act on Conan Gray’s world tour. (The UK and Ireland, legs begin May 30th through June 9th 2022 – ticket info HERE). Immediately upon hearing the news, my first thought was to expect new music to follow from the bedroom pop producer soon. Mallrat’s new era begins with the track “Your Love.” A soft, dreamy song about, it seems, unrequited love. It is not the first time Mallrat (Grace Shaw) has visited this theme. The 23-year-old Australian previously tackled the topic in tracks like “Nobody’s Home” and “Groceries,” among her other offerings.

She is back on this grind with renewed sensitivity. “Introducing Mallrat 2.0,” she announced after “Your Love” launched. What can be said of Mallrat’s lyricism is that the beauty lies in being atypical. Through her charming and savvy penmanship. She sings about the everyday teenage and gen z struggles with unflinching honesty. Is it any wonder she endears the way she does?

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It is evidently apparent on “Your Love” how much she has grown up since her break out efforts of 2016 and 17. I feel like we are seeing her confidence soar to an all-time high at the moment. Laid out explicitly not in the song lyrics of this latest track but in the liberating music video which supports the release. I certainly, deem the clip her most sensual.

Mallrat says. “I shot the “Your Love” video in Tasmania with my friends James Robinson (Director) and Amy Dellar (Cinematographer). My favourite shots are in the final scene – it was 1am, and we spontaneously decided to shoot on the football field. And then the sprinklers came on, and it was magic.”

Based on what I can see in the clip, Grace was experiencing this moment to the fullest.

The song is a pure pop delight. Tune in now.

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