To begin with, I didn’t fully appreciate why it seemed that everybody was feeling the hype around young Brisbane artist Mallrat. I was, however, aware that her tracks were racking up an incredible stream count on Spotify. It wasn’t until the single “UFO” featuring Allday came along that everything began to fall into place for me, but thinking on it, I was always going to have a stronger fondness for “UFO” above all her other releases. Given that the track was her most electronically embraced. There is a softer, electronic pulse to the Basenji collaborative single “Nobody’s Home” which has been released just ahead of her practically, sold-out Australian tour.

What I have come to recognise about Mallrat’s work is how wonderfully it is uniquely, all her own charming style. It not only applies to the music alone but also the visual content, and is exemplified by the current “Nobody’s Home” promotional footage. As a rule, Mallrat’s music video clips stand out with a notable sweetly innocent appeal which is all too rare a find in the sexy world of pop. This is refreshing. It hasn’t mattered a jot to the popularity of the music when Sigrid has been similarly rocking the girl-next-door image. To me, this is REAL girl-power in action.

Basenji the producer collaborator on this track and also tour mate for Mallrat’s aforementioned upcoming Aussie tour. Is someone who I had to check-up on, being as I haven’t been introduced to his work before. It seems that he’s already ignited the attention of the folks who run the highly regarded Triple J Unearthed competition, as far back as in 2014. And is signed up to the equally brilliant Future Classic label, home to G Flip, Wafia, Flight Facilities and SOPHIE. Well, fancy that. There’s always something new to learn about music, isn’t there!

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