Do you ever get stuck on listening to a song so much that you can’t bear to tear yourself away from it? This is something which happens fairly frequently with me. Usually occurring, when I’m most determined to make a dent in the EQ Music Blog submissions pile. The current Mallrat single “Rockstar” is the latest offering to stop me in my tracks. I’ve written about the Brisbane born musician and singer before on the blog, but not extensively. As not everything hits the mark with me.

She began teasing the release of “Rockstar” last week, saying “Best believe I’m days away from dropping the most iconic song of the year.” I took the comment to be a tongue-in-cheek one. Nonetheless, the brazen remark led me to hastily scribble down a reminder to check it “Rockstar” upon its release. Songwriting has always been Mallrats, strongest, skill. But, there is nothing wrong in bouncing ideas across a table by way of collaboration. Dagny, BØRNS, Adam Lambert, collaborator Tommy English comes aboard team Mallrat as co-writer and producer of “Rockstar.” The pair already teamed up on the Australian singers “Driving Music” EP.

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What makes me a “Rockstar” stan? The way her (Mallrat) vocals have levelled up. A little Lana del Rey indebted admittedly, so very dreamy and transcending. In an interview with NME, she describes “Rockstar” as being her “fuck you song” written about the pangs of heartbreak. Will it appear on the debut album. She’s working on it, her chat with NME journalist Brodie Lancaster implies. (Check out the full interview here.)

She sings beautiful, mesmerizingly, capturing the essence of the old retro nostalgia yet, further explores new ground as well. I note “Rockstar” like a delicious slice of dreamscape stemming from her darker side and maturing musical style. Profound lyrics delivered with a generous helping of sass for sing-a-long results. “Rockstar” is everything a memorable pop song needs to be. While more than probable will see Mallrat’s journey achieve it’s, greatest, ascent yet.

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