I certainly had some good things to say about pop artist Jake Miller when I last wrote about him. He’s unquestionably continued to do well for himself in the interim. The facts speak for themselves. He has cumulative plays now reaching beyond the 200-million-mark, shared the stage with Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes and recently signed to Sony’s RED Music. WOW. Yet 2019 is the year in which he intends to make even bigger accomplishments. He is getting things off on the right footing with this poptastic new track “Wait For You” which he exclusively produced himself.

This song has already gone to radio and is performing very well, currently sitting in the top 45 at U.S. pop radio. If you appreciate good pop, you would be hard pressed not to like this track. The vibe is pop with an alluring soulful edge, driven by swagging electronics. Stylistically the track comes some way into the urban assisted pop soundscapes adopted by Nick Jonas and Leland. The stuttering, staccato beats reminiscent of Leland’s recent release “Middle Of A Heartbreak.”

Here’s the groove, far from singing about heartbreak and losing out in love, Jake has found a special someone he wants to shower with his love. For the sake of a pop song, the situation he finds himself in is not perfect. The object of his desires isn’t ready to commit to a new relationship and is in the midst of the healing process, post-breakup. “Wait For You” has been written as a way of affirming the validity of his intentions. To wait as long as it takes, for his preferred suitor to eventually fall into his arms.

The music video is an interesting one though, it flits from scenes where we see Jake sitting in a room decorated in flowers, to a segment where he is sitting on a stool with a snake draped over his shoulders. Further on in the clip, the action turns to trash cans being set on fire and a room full of ladies in the throes of a dance routine. If I’m being honest, too many ideas have been crammed into the visual. And, marketing ploy ahoy, yes I did spot the close up on the Sony headphones too. Authenticity is where the song itself is at. It has been executed very well indeed.

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