Jake Miller

Photo: Max Vadukul

When Jake Miller first broke-out on the scene his music styling was rich with rap licks and overall a kind of street cred flavour. Scan forward a couple of years and all of that has had a lid put on it with a full-flowing singing voice appearing in its place.

By no means regarded a pop newcomer but an artiste reborn. Miller the YouTube engineered artiste is doing alright for himself.

With a new EP (“Overnight”) release waiting around the corner, Jake invites us into his whole new soundscape by unleashing a much more mature representation of himself on the track “Good Thing”. When I have been listening to “Good Thing” thoughts come rushing in, that if an opportunity to work with MNEK should come up, I could just see how this would bring benefit in a massively pop sensible sense to grow this even bigger.

Sure for some hardcore fans, the shift from rap in favour of this radio friendly, mass appealing style will prove a stretch too far in what they regard as Miller’s authentic artistry first off. Put it like this, what “Jealous” was for Nick Jonas in propelling his solo career, Jake might well find that “Good Thing” is the bop that the pop world at large has been craving.