You may or may not have watched The Brits Awards show on Saturday night. Either way, I am sure you’ve heard about it. What stood out to me wasn’t Dua or Ellie Goulding‘s performances. It was how Charli XCX rocked up with Saltburn actress Alison Oliver in tow. They presented the Award for Best Dance Act, (Winner – Calvin Harris) her new track “Von dutch” similarly, blasted out as she took to the stage. It amused me that, the whole thing seemed as chaotic and ad-hoc as Charli’s, new track and the music video she dropped the previous day.

Von dutch” is the rattling dance track Charli hinted at. Lyrically very typical of her, using her trademark spoken vocal that’s a bit shouty and akin to Luciana. It is a tongue-in-cheek dance track, and the hook is super catchy. However, I am more invested in the chaotic music video. Unquestionably, for the simple fact it is completely, wildly unhinged.

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The clip directed by TORSO, follows Charli as she turns feral at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport. She also announced her upcoming 6th album is called “BRAT” and similarly is showing everyone just how one behaves in the rampageous display shared in the music video.

At every turn, Charli creates pure unadulterated pandemonium. Viewers will undoubtedly get caught up in since the clip is extremely fast-paced and exudes an anarchic momentum. Furthermore, everyone is sure to have their own favourite iconic bit, that they loop on repeat. Mine is the scene where Charli leaps on top of the aeroplane and slithers around for a bit. Eventually dropping from a height into the luggage truck waiting below. Since even though I know the outcome that she gets a soft landing every time. I still hold my breath, full of suspense when she drops off the edge.

If you’re a super fan or a casual fan of Charli XCX. There is no mistaking she serves in a big way. Suffice to say, after experiencing the unparalleled energy of “Von dutch.” She leaves viewers, somewhat breathless yet with adrenaline surging through their bodies.

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