The 15th of May deadline isn’t far off, which means the pressure is on for Charli XCX to complete “how i’m feeling now” the album she is writing and recording while spending time in self-isolation. She isn’t letting the grass grow under her feet for a minute. No sooner had we been treated to the first track “forever” (which has been added to the latest “This Beat Is Poptronik” playlist) she went, and unleashed a second single “claws.”

I have been casting my eagle eyes over the singer’s quarantine updates she has been uploading to YouTube. I am loving how openly she is sharing glimpses of the writing, recording and behind the scenes process. How she is engaging her fans and finding ways for her community of angels to be involved, playing a special part in the album process this time around. In this weeks update, Charli appeared to be feeling the strain a little, realising she has some way to go yet to get finished up with all the elements of the project. Enthused as I am, at her creativity, I do hope she is remembering to be kind to herself as well.

The track itself is pure fire. Glitchy, electronic-pop which spectacularly gleams with a futuristic edge. Exploring the feeling of being close to the one you love every day – “claws” captures the manic jubilation of love in lockdown in a refreshing way. I didn’t think for one minute, Charli would settle for second best when it came to filming the visual elements of this project. It is a blessing that she is living with her management team close by and a boyfriend who knows how to use a camera to assist with photoshoots etc. Actually is very right that Charli’s bloke Huck is involved, because of how the central theme of the album documents, the couple’s relationship.

The video for “claws” is way cool. Like hyper-cool, actually. A green screen wonder of hyper-coolness.

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Now that’s what I call electronic pop!

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