There is no doubting, producer and songwriter 220 Kid has had a phenomenal break out year. Beginning with his chart-dominating hit “Don’t Need Love” where the newcomer joined forces with vocalist GRACEY. And leading to his work with other music industry, artists such as MNEK, CamelPhat and Sheppard. What he should have been doing afterwards, of course, was continuing with raising his profile through live performance. But with social distancing restrictions still in place significantly affecting, live gigs and the opening up of venues. The reality has been somewhat different. No matter though, the DJ’s break out hit has placed 28 weeks on the UK’s official singles chart.

Don’t Need Love” has had an incredible run, but it is time to unleash a follow-up track before people start assuming this kid is a one-trick pony. He has had a banger up his sleeve which has just dropped, by way of “Too Many Nights” featuring Irish singer-songwriter JC Stewart. Being that the Derry-born collaborator has amassed a lot of attention of his own with his heartfelt singing style (often receiving references to Lewis Capaldi.) Stewart’s appearance on a vibrant pop banger is a big, leap for the emotive singer-songwriter, and takes his artistry down an entirely different, but interesting, avenue. One which I would put money on, as most likely leading JC Stewart to the tastemaker polls with a BBC Sound of 2021 nomination.

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220 Kid is keen to show, personal songwriting does work with EDM and dance-pop styles. With JC Stewart noted as one of the rising singer-songwriter talents, withthis strength, emerging this year. It is beginning to make total sense that this team-up has happened. “Too Many Nights” is starting to impact the charts. And, there is every indication it will continue to rise to loftier heights, much like 220 Kid’s, debut single achieved.

All that the “Too Many Nights” release needs now, to continue the push-up the charts, is a music video. Aha, but there is one, and the viewing stats (if true) imply the clip is being, unjustifiably, overlooked (because everyone has been tuned in, to the “Hollywood Tourlyric video). The concept is tongue-in-cheek styled fun, which sees the two artists become movie stars. In their playful reenacting, familiar, big blockbuster movies titles are adjusted slightly, probably to avoid being served a copyright ban. The clip is cute and made me smile a lot. All told, there really isn’t much to not like. “Too Many Nights” is a good dance-pop track and the spoof styled video brings some light relief when we could most certainly do with it.

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