In 2023, Kylie Minogue‘s album “Tension” and its hit tracks “Padam Padam” and “Tension” took the pop world by storm, reasserting her position as the jewel of Australian pop. Meanwhile, her sister Dannii Minogue made waves of her own, and notably, hosted the first ever gay dating show “I Kissed A Boy.” Where she also recorded the theme song “We Could Be The One.” In 2020, Dannii headed up the Global Pride event in Australia. Where she wowed the crowds with a reworked version of her 1997 Top 5 hit “All I Wanna Do.” There’s no denying the impact and influence either sisters have had on the music industry. Moreover, their continued success is a testament to their undeniable talent and hard work.

Furthermore, as wonderful as it is to have those new recordings from Dannii. For those who were on tenterhooks for her return to the club music scene, the wait is now over. In proving no one is a better choice than Dannii to light up February with an uplifting dance track. The singer and general Australian icon has returned to the dancefloor. She teams up with DJ Autone, and takes up vocal duties for the song “Thinking ‘Bout Us.”

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The latest track by Dannii Minogue is a perfect example of positive vibes and nostalgic feelings. Whereas, the music video directed by Sean Higgins is a treat for Dannii’s fans. This is because the clip relives the memories of her best-loved hits. In particular, making references to “Love and Kisses,” “I Begin To Wonder,” “So Under Pressure,” and “All I Wanna Do“. The mini montage of scenes recreated in the video is a creative masterpiece that showcases Dannii’s artistic brilliance. If you’re a Dannii Minogue fan, this video is a must-watch that will take you on a beautiful trip down memory lane.

With both the Minogue sisters, Dannii and Kylie, dominating the pop scene, it’s no wonder they’ve brought so much joy and energy to the music world. Without a doubt, they’re certainly bringing the fun and happiness back in a big way. And what a fantastic way to start off the year 2024!”

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