Do we agree it’s been too long since Dannii Minogue hit our eardrums with some new music? Although she doesn’t put out tracks anywhere near as much as her big sister Kylie does, Dannii is still very much a disco queen in my eyes. I don’t know about you, but I needed to hear some ‘exciting’ news this week. I couldn’t think of anything more mind-blowing than Dannii Minogue teasing a release of some sorts, last week. We are not so, lucky, lucky, lucky (wrong sister) to be furnished with a completely new song. A reworked, and re-recorded version of her 1997 Top 5 smash hit “All I Wanna Do,” is more than alright, methinks.

There is a lovely reason why the much-loved track has been given a brush-up. In celebration of Pride month. If you are not already aware Pride is going virtual. Global Pride is going to be the world’s biggest ever LGBTI+ celebration. On Saturday 27th June. Streaming 24 hours of content from Pride organisations, activists, civil society groups, politicians and world leaders. You can watch anywhere as long as you have Wifi and a smartphone, tablet or computer. (Here is the LINK)

Dannii says: “This is a completely new take on “All I Wanna Do” for 2020 – a year when, globally, we’ve not been able to hold and touch the ones we love. All I want to do with this track is spread some sparkly cheer for Global Pride 2020. Wherever you are in the world, Pride celebrations this year will be vastly different to what we would have anticipated even six months ago. My hope is we can still connect with one another and create some memories that comfort us and bring smiles.”

The new version of the track produced by Ian Masterson is daring and different to the, 1997 original. Sweeping, vast, high on emotion. A wholly intoxicating update. A further remix EP will be released on Global Pride day as well which features another fresh new mix of the track from Bright Light, Bright Light.

There is plenty to keep you entertained and occupied with the Global Pride festivities. Also, I wanted to let you know of another pride event happening Saturday (and very special to me, as where I live) – Suffolk Virtual Pride. The proceedings kick off from 12 GMT and I’m so stoked to say, there’s a familiar name on the lineup – Lostchild. Timing is yet to be confirmed, so keep a lookout for that on the Suffolk Virtual Pride event page or by following Lostchild online as feel sure Joe will shout it out later.

That’s the next 24 hours mapped out. It’s true to say I’ll be glued to my laptop much of the weekend.

EQ wishes you ALL a happy PRIDE everyone!

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