The year is 2021, and I am writing about “The Tipping Point” a new track from the legendary 80s pop duo Tears For Fears. Not only this, but I also get to share the news there’s a new studio album on the way. “The Tipping Point” is their first album in nearly two decades.

Everybody best knows the duo for their iconic tracks “Everybody Wants To Rule The World“, “Mad World,” “Sowing The Seeds Of Love“, and “Woman In Chains“. All being songs that have stood the test of time. As such, I sense Roland and Curt would never release anything that was nothing less than immaculate. There has been a lot of life lived by the two band members. The comeback has not been an easy one (check out this extraordinary honest interview with the Guardian’s Laura Barton. Which does more than fill in the gaps.) Finding their way back into releasing new music, again on the album title track and first single, “The Tipping Point“. Tears For Fears show that they can recreate the thought-provoking, brilliance, and pristine, musicality, as seen during their heyday.

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Tears for Fears are a band that has never shied away from using music to make a statement. And this new album, “THE TIPPING POINT”, is a song cycle reflecting many of the personal and professional tipping points the pair — AND THE WORLD — have faced throughout the last seventeen years. The press release advises.

The track is created of a sonically powerful atmosphere. Wafts of soft electronic pulses, building a wholly evocative, sonic theme. On which, to hang poignant lyrics, about watching someone you love lose their long-standing battle with an illness. And inspired by a personal tipping point in Roland Orzabal’s own life.

As comebacks go Tears for Fears appears to be in keeping with the duo’s original ethos and an extraordinary stylish one.

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