It is really, satisfying to know that a considerable number of bands and artists whose music I grew up with during my teenage years are continuing to be active today. Performing, touring and recording new material, specialists in the field of promotions such as Tony Denton have kept many of us 30 and 40 somethings childhoods alive by specialising in revival and the sounds of yesteryear concerts and tours. The continual growth of which only goes to prove the public’s appetite for reminiscing and living out our kidadult fantasies to be able to see some of our favourite artists from the recent classic eras in music that perhaps our pocket money back then, would not have allowed us to afford. Bros and Bananarama probably had the most publicised reunions of 2017, but let’s not allow other old favourites to go unnoticed. Tears For Fears also had a sold-out summer arena tour and released greatest hits album “Rule The World“, it also featured a new song “I Love You But I’m Lost“, their first original music since 2004.

I would have never suspected in 2017 Tears For Fears would sound comparably similar to Hurts nor Curt Smith’s vocals mirroring that of Theo Hutchcraft but upon listening to this new track “I Love You But I’m Lost“, I’m feeling all of this. Even the music video is giving me serious Hurts vibes. The content, how it is, directed is just all on par with what the Manchester duo have been currently undertaking, promoting the fourth album “Desire“. Only Tears For Fears do not appear in this visual, save for a sneaking glimpse of the duo in a photo frame, seen in the last few seconds of the footage. It does feel a little amiss not to have Curt and Roland in the video but the actor’s cast, do an ace job re-telling the story behind the song lyrics. Roland Orzabal said, “This song is about the haziness, the blurred lines within a relationship, the sense of having someone and losing someone in the same instant; like putting your arms around that person only for them to instantly disappear into vapours, the idea or ideal of someone who is impossible to pin down.”

I’d like to think, with the amount of show’s the South West raised duo have sold-out over these past months they’ll consider recording even more new material. If it comes to it hopefully we’ll get to see them in the next promotional music video. Something has me thinking they’d be uproar, from the TFT fans if Curt and Roland didn’t ever appear on film in one of their music videos again!

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