British duo Tears For Fears released their new album “The Tipping Point” on February 25th, simultaneously receiving much acclaim. Already spawning singles “Break The Man,” and “No Small Thing,” as well as the album’s title track. The album “The Tipping Point” has topped the Billboard Charts in the USA and went top 5 in the UK. Sharing “My Demons,” their fourth focus track lifted from the long player. Curt and Roland have reached the point where they are willing to go a bit harder with the synths again.

The track that I was waiting for Curt and Roland to release is “My Demons.”. This is not least because of how electrifying and intoxicating with synths the track is. That it has the feel and stylising of something Depeche Mode might do. “My Demons” does shake up any preconceptions about Tears For Fears. They have still got it. In fact, they never lost it, whatever it is. It is in roaringly fine form on this song.

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The legendary duo are very good at using their lyrics to inform and convey bold messages. It has always been their way to speak up on topics they are passionate about or spark a debate. So very definitely not another love song. In “My Demons,” they express their annoyance with a world that has become increasingly big brother. In their thought-provoking lyrics, they raise concerns about security measures in our modern-day society that act as a double-edged sword. Where tracking, monitoring and surveillance encroach our right to privacy. But also has the intelligence in place, to track down those who go off track and wayward in their lifestyle choices.

Yeah, we would have liked a video with Tears for Fears in it. They bestowed upon us one starring dancer and actor Ed Munro instead.

Curt and Roland have remained elusive about the release of the video for the song. Although I’d like to assume that “My Demons” was put out as their way of raising a toast to Depeche Mode keyboardist Andy Fletcher who passed away last week.

Tears For Fears kicks off the UK leg of their “The Tipping Point” tour, July 1st. Also on the bill as support is Alison Moyet. (Further information, here.)

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