Killian Wells

Killian Wells has done some outrageous shit in his music videos, but STRFKR takes the cake.

For as long as I’ve known Killian, he hasn’t really been one for convention. It’s always been with him a case where you take all the rules and throw them out the window. When most male pop stars would worry about coming off too gay in their music videos, trying to ride the fine line of titillation and mainstream acceptance, Killian Wells just says “fuck it- lets gay this shit up”. The problem though when male pop stars say “let’s gay this shit up” is that it ends up coming across as too camp. And there’s a big difference between camp and clever…as I think you’ll find out here…


While the song itself disses the STRFKR, the extreme sexual nature depicted in the explicit video almost celebrates them. Additionally and rather ironically, Killian Wells chose to cast adult film star Brent Everett in the music video.

Killian Wells: “I cast Brent in STRFKR because I think out of all of the gay adult performers, he’s the most relevant,” he explains. “As a powerful star himself, he has encountered his share of guys who want to get in his pants for their own advancement.”

In the video, Everett is obsessed with Wells. So much so, he engages in intercourse with a mannequin that he fantasizes is Wells.

Brent Everett: “It’s not the first stiff I’ve had sex with. The mannequin had more personality than a lot of the guys I’ve been with.”

STRFKR (Maxi-Single) - Killian Wells