Killian Wells 1

Well Killian Wells it’s been a while!

It’s been a while since Killian came at us in a BIG way with his ever so explicit electro-pop turn ‘STRFKR’ and ever since the entrepreneur has been off our radar whilst he’s concentrated on branching out with other media pursuits in the forefront of his mind.

Well we are glad for once that Killian’s mind has returned to give us new music because, he’s so damn creatively minded and always pulls up to the grade with something in tow that is nothing less than damn fine shiny pop-centric.

Interestingly Killian’s just dropped a lyric video out there onto the interweb for a track we first noted lurking on his Myspace Player – YES I said MYSPACE PLAYER!!!, so you’ll already know we’re talking like light years ago, since when does a blogger mention Myspace these days!

Anyways, in the release of a lyric video, a pre-order link has also gone up for the track “Flatline”, which isn’t anything related to the origi-babes, well, call them MKS comeback effort which was tousled out and fizzled out a couple of years.

No! We that know Killian’s music, know that he’s a self confessed 80’s aficionado and this is highly reflective in his work. “Flatline” borrows the sample of the 80’s hit I Just Died In Your Arms” by Cutting Crew. So there’s that instant point of recognition for those of us that tick the box at over 30.

For those of you that are coming in on this one, on a totally fresh angle of youthfulness, well all you babies need to care about is that it’s a total TUNE of pop-mazingness proportions!

All that is left to say on this, is that We DO so hope that Killian will also give us one of his killer exciting, epic pop video episodes to engage with real soon. On this we will be waiting!