We received a surprise email from Killian Wells this week. As we know he’s been on a hiatus away from the music for a fair while, whilst developing and establishing his new endeavour – that of founding fragrance company Xyrena.

To our utter delight, Killian reached out with news of new music, at last. Although, not one to pass by an obvious opportunity Killian has brought both of his creative ventures together under one strategy known as “Blue Dream”. It’s where the heady notes of the strain-specific cannabis fragrance combine with the euphoric electronic pop notes of the accompanying song.

It had to happen didn’t it? Killian’s got it all there to push the promote button. That he chose to do so with a provocative product to endorse is typical of Killian, because when has he ever played to rules and conformity?! Indeed Killian refers to the video clip as a commercial/music video hybrid. And I’d say he’s done it in his own inimitable style. It has all the sexy of all the big perfumery houses promotions but with the outrageously bold tone of Killian Wells seeping right through it.

As Killian sings “Is this a war on drugs, or a war on love”, too right it’s a match made in metaphors as well as being a right, brightly melodic bop and some. Proving that he’s better now than he’s ever been.

How I wonder if Killian presses this as a CD if it’ll will come with a scratch and sniff sleeve!