There has been an incredible amount of new music being released during the last couple of months. With far more, great, pop, electronic and indie tracks to share, my thoughts about than usual. In the big scheme of things, it is immensely satisfying for me to see both music and creativity, thriving. But also means, I am running a little behind with writing about the new Ea Kaya single “Skin And Bones,” which has now been sitting in my inbox for at least two weeks. Finally, it’s time to allow this pretty and lyrically, thought-provoking song, shine on EQ Music Blog.

I’ve been checking in with the music releases of Ea Kaya for two years. Where track by track I have noticed the Dane progress in leaps and bounds. The early pieces were bright, albeit following a somewhat formulaic style. Latterly while showing songwriting growth, there has also been a shift in her melodic branding becoming a little bit more daring and adventurous. As seen in her previous release “Kitchen Table.” In truth, I missed not getting a hit of a hooking chorus with “Kitchen Table” yet am much relieved she’s made a return to her previous form by factoring in a delightful chorus for “Skin And Bones” because of it positively lighting up the track.

The importance of this song is to bring about a little more kindness around issues of body positivity. While being a hot topic covered by music releases more so during the past year than ever before. Ea Kaya also adds to the discussion. That while we rightly leap to the defence of curvier body shapes, the same applies to slender, slight of frame and naturally skinny people, who might also feel vulnerable because of having a high metabolism which keeps the weight off quickly. That they appear underweight or malnourished even for being healthy eaters. The track is a reminder that we should use our words carefully in all, events, because words have power and we don’t know of, the effect they leave on someone.

The DIY music video captured on iPhone by Ea Kaya’s boyfriend is actually super in its portrayal and that the clip translates the message of the song well. A good job and achievement from being flat bound in Copenhagen, Denmark in lockdown.

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