You may have noticed I like to sign off a week’s worth of music blogging on a bright note. With a terrific song to lead the EQ readers into the weekend. This New Music Friday our destination is Denmark. Where I’d like to invite you to visit the new, very good Ea Kaya track “Cruel to be Kind” released today, and which I have been singing along to all week.

The young Dane has already impressed me with her debut EP “Fragile But Strong As Hell” along with tracks lifted from it “Remedy” and “Talking“. She really came into her own on this release. We got to see more of her musicianship, lyricism and storytelling and heard her open up with her thoughts about human nature. By going down this philosophical route, there are plenty more topics to explore. On “Cruel to be Kind” Ea picks up with the life observing the thread. Gives us food for thought as endeavours to lend advice to a friend who is consumed with frustration and struggling to find their way through a challenging experience. Ea speaks frankly, and with wisdom which belies her tender years.

More than I have felt with any other of her previous track releases. This new song should see her kicking up a storm across Europe. A track which should firmly plant her on the radio waves, giving Ea a charting hit. Her music is every bit as good as Dagny and Sigrid et al. So why not. Light and poppy, dark and brooding, the songs meld all these elements. Ea’s street-smart attitude and classic sense of songcraft immediately showcase her ability to look at life from a unique perspective. With “Cruel to be Kind” she is hitting us with a bona fide, banger. Europe, it IS time she took her position in the spotlight.

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