Maybe it was inevitable that every female Scandi/Nordic emerging pop artist since, Sigrid’s prolific rise on the music scene. Would feel the pressure of being compared to the winner of the, 2018 BBC Sound Of poll. Young Dane Ea Kaya knows this as a fact, as she’s continued to build on the buzz from her debut single “Remedy” by releasing a couple of tracks “Tied Up” and “Don’t Complicate It” last year. Unfortunately, all the factors were in place for people like me to casually name drop Sigrid, the biggest emerging Nordic pop artist at the current time into our reviews. Because of her early newcomer status, Ea Kaya experienced quite a lot of this. Oops, I noticed I’ve used the S, word, again (sorry Ea!) To make amends I wanted to share my thoughts about Ea’s new track “Talking.” Note there will be no comparisons to Octavian Essie, this year’s winners of the BBC Sound of, vote. I can guarantee that!

Real name Christine Kiberg, the singer Ea Kaya promised fans and followers on her social media platforms that after plenty of cool things which happened in 2018. Like hitting her first million plays on one of her songs and playing her debut concert supported by a band at a festival. She would be releasing more music than we’re used to seeing from her in 2019. True to her word, she’s unleashed two tracks in as many weeks with a third coming this Friday. Lots of people have been thirstily appreciating the song “4 am” which was released first. The second of Ea’s 2019, releases “Talking” is the one which I am invested in the most.

When you listen to the lyrics of the song (as Ea has been urging her fans to do because it’s the most personal track she has written) you will find the words to be quite philosophical in their mood. Bearing in mind, they are coming from a young, twenty-something Danish lady. What all the self-analysing boils down to is that the youngster struggles with opening up to expressing her innermost feelings and internal suffering. It is a song which gives food for thought served on top of an interesting, and current stylised sound.

Ea Kaya breathes integrity into her songs but allows them to remain fun at the same time. Stay aware, it feels as though she’ll be the name to know for Danish pop music in 2019.

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Twitter: @eakayamusic