I haven’t written about the singer-songwriter Foxes (Louisa Rose Allen) in a long time, as it seemed she had lost her way, a bit musically. However, she put out some new tracks in 2020 and followed up with the release of the “Friends In The Corner” EP earlier this year. But she continued to write even more songs throughout the lockdown and pandemic and has begun sharing some of the new, new stuff. I am elated that, with the first new single, “Sister Ray“. Foxes is giving us a big lift, with some very noticeable musical influence from Robyn.

Her vibe had turned somewhat introspective for a time, but not so for “Sister Ray“, where she has yanked out the synths again. And is, giving us some good old fizzy pop that is unmistakably 2005 Robyn styled (“With Every Heartbeat“) – YAY!

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Foxes released this statement about the track.

Sister Ray” came from a wild part of me during lockdown that was craving a night of freedom and fun again, a longing to let go. The Velvet Underground reference is a nod to describing the most debauched night you could ever imagine, but in its spirit, it’s a celebration of the people you can have those indescribable times with.”

All that I have said about the track, and what Foxes has shared about it, pretty much sums up the premise behind the Florence Kosky-directed music video. In that, the clip brings on a joyful, celebratory feel. “I wanted to encapsulate that energy in a song so, I could imagine that feeling forever,” Foxes also said about her latest release.

I do not believe, with her newest music. Foxes is going with the goal of seeking official chart recognition these days. I feel she is happier with just releasing the music she wants to make instead. Which I am cooler, with, to be honest, all the more so if this is the sound she will be exploring further on the next album. Announced as “The Kick“, which arrives on 11th February 2022.

Being that it is both an uplifting celebration of life and is musically addicting, “Sister Ray” gets the thumbs up from me.

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