Right now, pop music releases are coming in thick and fast. There is so much great new music out there. I am taking in as much as I can. In busy periods like this. I wish I could inhale music instead of listening to it. As would make it easier for me to cram in a lot more listening time. The track that has me excited a lot today, is the new one from British pop darling Foxes. Remember, she started a new album campaign recently! The singles being teased from it are coming out in a fast and furious manner. Being very much like how a round of bullets gets fired from a gun.

Foxes, third album, “The Kick“, is due 11th February 2022 (via PIAS Recordings). The tracklist of 12 songs has been revealed. Through the last week, snippets of 11 of these tracks were shared via her Instagram. The one we didn’t get to have a peek of, obviously earmarked as a future single. In fact, the track in question, “Sky Love“, emerged with little warning. It is here already, and is a silky, disco-pop gem about holding out for the kind of love we are deserving of.

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Foxes calls this euphoric kind of, deeply felt love, “Sky Love“. Her reason? because it feels out of reach. But by the same token, she feels ready to experience it. Foxes has linked up with video director Florence Kosky again (she also directed the music video for the singer’s previous single “Sister Ray“). In the video clip, there are many references to the sky, of course. Use of blue lighting effects. Projections of the starry night sky. Clouds etc. The lady in question, (Foxes) is dressed in pyjamas because her bedroom has been turned into a cosmic disco that is decorated with tinsel streamers.

Sky Love” is as blissful and gorgeous as it comes. The song I was planning to write about before I spotted the Foxes one. I guess, I will write about that, another day. Keep checking back here. Only the best electronic, pop, indie-pop releases get a shout out on this blog.

Foxes third album “The Kick” is out on February 11th, 2022 . Pre-save HERE

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