I’ve always considered rap in music, to have been an acquired taste on my part, since you have to hit it dot on with me, otherwise I’m simply not into it. I’d have to credit Example for opening up my horizons the most on this form of music style over the past few years though, as if anybody could fully engage me in albums worth of sing-talking Example certainly has had the nous to do it.

Example’s career to-date though has not remained static to the rap cause, each of the 4 studio albums has upped the ante in progression, diversity and music evolution for the multi-talented pop star, and that’s what see’s Example ahead of the game, always shifting the goalposts and never standing still on just the one style of music, being rap or singing. Not only that, the rate of succession in which these albums have been released is also of a phenomenal achievement, both in the abundance of creativity and Example’s skill-sets as a singer, songwriter, producer & sometimes rapper.

Pretty much soon, the fifth studio album “Live Life Living” will be out there amongst the record buying public and to accompany this news the first taste from it comes via the lead single “One More Day” (Stay With Me).

Circling itself around a 90’s electronic aura of euphoric house presence and in testament to his dexterous capabilities, Example has crossed-over the genre-jump with flawless ease and even sketched in a rap interlude back into the equation, which all makes for a more cultivated sound and a richer one at that.

The just released visual is reflective of a group of friends on a jolly day out, and would you know it when one of the friendlies stop by a fish and chip bar for some tucker, ahead of him in the queue is only Mr Example himself. Being of the generous nature he hands out some free gig tickets to the friendly and a fun night out, is had by all.

Parting thoughts: You really can’t knock Example for keeping it fresh!