daryl david

There are times when a song instantly resonates with a listener, forming a meaningful connection and causing the destruction of the “play” button. This is one of those times. Daryl David, a young, promising artist from Liverpool, is gearing up for the release of his debut EP by graciously premiering the upcoming project’s lead single, the soaring and adventurous “Tonight“.

David‘s debut release brings the artist’s musicality and inspiring songwriting into the spotlight. “Tonight” is a joyous and reflective piece of pop that is carried by a strong vocal performance from the talented artist. At times, evoking the rock-leaning, throwback, tranquil and stadium-ready vibe of The Killers, David sings to live in the moment, bringing a welcomed smile to the face of whoever comes across it.

I can feel and I don’t know if it’s where we are now, but I can only hope we can be there, oh it will be alright tonight“, the artist sings on the thumping and radio-tailored chorus. David, having already had his worked played on BBC Radio, appears to have another catchy and memorable potential hit on his hands. Only a day after its official release, the new single already racked up an impressive 3,000 listens. Not too shabby for an independent artist who is just getting his foot through the door.

Tonight” is the perfect kickstart to David‘s sure-to-be successful music career. The single effortlessly combines influences from multiple genres – pop, rock, electronic – to create a moving, sincere message with an exciting beat added for good measure.

“I feel most alive and connected to the world when writing. ‘Tonight‘ for me was a perfect expression of letting go and living in the moment,” David says. “I wanted to capture what it meant for me to feel free and to put it into a song. I hope it uplifts people.”

There’s no doubt that the up-and-coming singer-songwriter can craft a magical hook. “Tonight” is a solid and respectable first offering that sounds like a potential summer radio smash. Without the need for a loud, dance-driven beat or an overstretched vocal performance, David gets his point across effectively. Believe us when we say, David is bound for greatness. This is only the beginning.