The music industry has always been a dynamic one. Trends in this industry change every now and then, while some do remain evergreen and constant. It is not just the musicians who bring in the trend, but the people as well who make it popular. In fact, many times a particular music trend becomes a prolonged culture of a particular region. In addition to this, another important factor is that trends have to be identified and capitalized upon. The music distribution industry plays a crucial role in identifying trends, setting them and then making them extremely popular. It benefits the entire music fraternity- the composers, singers as well as distributors. Thus, the music distribution companies always encourage artists to produce content aligning with current trends. Also, it keeps people engaged with the industry at all times. 

The Uprising of Pop Culture

The western culture has a significant influence in how the entertainment industry functions at the global level. In the recent years, a number of pop artists have emerged that’ve made a big name for themselves. The likes of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Drake, The Weekend, etc. are all current big names associated with pop music. It surely tells us one thing that pop music is here to stay. Even in the past, pop music has always ruled music charts worldwide and has produced the biggest names worldwide. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it isn’t merely a trend but an evergreen industry as well. Also, there has been a great upsurge in the number of concerts, clubbing events, discos in recent times. Pop music is one of the most played genres at all these events and is thus extremely popular. 

Music Distribution Industry’s Inclination Towards Pop Industry

The music distribution industries are entities that distribute and sell music across several music streaming platforms. The streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, etc. all organize and present music as per the trends. Hence, it becomes imperative for them to prefer a genre of music that is trending and is lucrative. The best music distribution industries have a proper PR and analytics teams that identify trends such as blues music or pop music. Many of these platforms provide free music distribution in order to encourage indie artists. In fact, they even provide barcodes, ISRC codes absolutely free of cost. A number of additional services are also provided by these free music distribution companies either free or at affordable prices. This implies that their major source of income flows from the revenue generated through sale/distribution of music. As a result, they encourage artists to prefer and produce the trending genres like pop music in current times. 

Assistance and Support to Artists

It isn’t always easy for artists to get their compositions in line with the trends. Sometimes, the genres are completely different, but today’s time dictates that one has to be dynamic and adaptive. The best music distribution companies provide a number of assistance services that enable artists to capitalize on such trends. On platforms like Cosmo Media, all the signing artists are allotted a special team that works in collaboration with them. They provide you with various inputs like the sale and reach of your music, people’s opinions and scope of improvement. Also, they provide you assistance with designing your album through the use of multi-lingual dashboards and PR assistance. Apart from this, the artists themselves have complete access to all sorts of trend inputs that flow from the entire world. This allows them to customize their music as per the market trends and thus gain popularity.