Singer-songwriter Eli Lieb has never failed to deliver consummate earnest emotive pop, from the first time we wrote about him when discovering “Place Of Paradise” to our most recent review of the 2014 track “Lightning In A Bottle“. The Iowa, raised singer has since moved forward with a steady stream of single releases to his name but, I’d like to pick back up the thread on this with the current track “Next To You“.

Eli has always been an artist who shares utmost authenticity in his music, “Next To You” is no exception and there is no second doubting the lyrics come straight from the heart when the confirmation comes in the vocal performance, which is so full of feeling and sentiment. Mid-tempo pop ballads are something that the singer has always done particularly well he brings so much storytelling into the lyrics and we the listeners, are in turn moved by the relatable themes and the overall musicality which endear on an equal footing.

The song is especially, powerful. It speaks out with truthful, on-point, emotive intensity, becoming even more important with the addition of beautifully touching visuals. I really, like the interaction between the two main characters in the video clip and, how the storytelling, of the song, is achieved by editing-in film footage that Eli reacts to. I think we’d best compare this to looking into a box of memories. I just think the direction in this Isaac Winkler video is quite, superb and the added film footage used as a shadowy-backdrop adds an extra poignant layer to the song and video package.

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