It still surprises me, a lot of people haven’t discovered Eli Lieb yet. I mean a lot of people already have but no way the vast kind of audience his music is deserving of.I find this kind of crazy, but hey, it just means I NEED to be writing about Eli more. It had been a while since the singer committed to an album project, stretching back to his self-titled debut longer player in 2011. 2018 was the year he gave us it’s follow up “The Nights We Lived” featuring the splendid pop ballad “Next To You” which I wrote a piece around the tracks stunning video. No sooner had the album been unleashed, Eli was already into launching, making and releasing yet more new music which stands apart from “The Nights We Lived” project. The track “Chemical Love” appeared a few days ago. Once I had listened to the track I knew I had to break away from my Christmas resting period to write about it as soon as I could.

The song is notably upbeat, veering towards euphoric with a refined, resplendent pop sound. Eli’s powerful voice is put to good use, crushing the emotiveness of the song with comfortable ease. What is more, the track exudes feel-good vibes, positivity and hopefulness. Which as we go into a New Year are the things we are all mostly striving to make more room for in our lives. (These are qualities which are definitely at the top of my agenda for 2019.) Best of all it seems Eli has found someone who makes him feel all of these things.

The release sees the expansion of Lieb’s sound into ever more epic and enthralling territory. Charged with electrifying energy and arching, heartfelt emotion. I really like hearing this from Eli. I want to be hearing far more joyous pop tracks following on in its wake from Mr Lieb if you please. It’s time. Embrace.

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