Eli Lieb

It takes someone who is rather exceptional to be able to drill earnest pop with an empowering message into us time after time without it becoming a shade preachy, yet this is exactly what out singer/songwriter Eli Lieb is quite remarkable in achieving. Eli never oversteps the mark, he’s always on point and possesses the most respectful approach of addressing life issues.

Also, in truth we just melt a little at the sound of Eli’s silken voice.

Happy are we to learn that a new tune has arrived from Eli which is produced by John Feldman (5 Seconds Of Summer), it’s called “Lightning In A Bottle” and as we’d fully expect, it’s top-notch pop with a real heart and soul behind it.

It’s important that we’re locked-in with the meaning behind “Lightning In A Bottle” so, in explanation let’s hand-over to Eli to fill us in :- ‘This song is really special to me. Everyone is fighting a battle. I want people to see this music video, hear the song, really listen to the lyrics, and live their truth. I want this to inspire people to not be afraid to break free and embrace who they are. I believe that being 100% your true authentic self is the key to real happiness and joy. Life is celebration and we are all beautiful beings!!

As ever, the accompanying visual plays out the songs story beautifully, starring Eli assisted by a cast which features Shangela, contestant from Seasons 2 and 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race alongside professional dancers Jenna Riegel and Caitlin Scranton. Their resulting visual portrayal of the song is nothing short of wholly inspiring and uplifting.