You know, when Conan Gray takes on electro-pop. These tracks are always annoyingly very good ones. And with electro-pop being a music style he is prominently featuring in his new album era. Therefore, I am eager to listen to his latest link-up with the genre. Although, notably when learning the legendary producer Max Martin has co-produced much of the upcoming album “Found Heaven” along with the newly released track “Lonely Dancers.” It is safe to say, that with these elements in place. That Conan will doubtless have a massive hit on his hands.

Noticeably, the promising teaser clips that were released for “Lonely Dancer” hinted at an 80s synth-pop style. And so, when checking out the music video and eagerly pressing play. The gargantuan melodic synths reminiscent of Men Without Hats’ kookie hit “Safety Dance,” instantly had me smiling away,

Along with a fair share of the commenters on YouTube, the one outstanding instance that stopped me in my tracks, loudly exclaiming ‘what was that,!’ This was Connan’s spectacular switching from lower to upper vocal registers. Now, I seriously would love to witness this change-over live. One more thing to note. Pay close attention to the lyrics in the last verse. Especially, because – hint… shots are fired! Which I do not mind sharing left me dead and simultaneously laughing out aloud.

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In the music video directed by Jason Lester, Connan portrays an unfortunate boyfriend who finds himself dumped after he inadvertently discovers his girl locked in a kiss with another guy. Hit by the realisation of what is happening and while fortuitously at the same time standing outside a club. He does what all jilted lovers would do in that situation. He flees inside the building, picks out a track on the jukebox (“Lonely Dancers“) and proceeds to sing and dance out this heartbreak. Seemingly, among a room inhabited with fellow lonely-hearted folks that are seemingly frozen-in-time.

I can foresee “Lonely Dancers” ending up my most-played Conan Gray track of all time.

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